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, 20-October-2011

In my last newsletter, I included a report on how SPECT and PET are forecasted to grow substantially over the next six years. SPECT is suppose to go from $700 million to $1.4 billion, while PET grows from approximately $400 million to $4 billion based on the report from Wayne Forest, That is some staggering growth... Of course this is based on different factors and probably the most important one is reimbursement for the new radiopharmaceutical drugs that are coming to market. What company is poised to capture the lionshare of the PET market over the next several years? Is it IBA Molecular, PETNET, Cardinal Health or some new start up? I guess time will tell! It is clear that the they are investing in their PET facilities to meet the end of the year FDA manufacturing guidelines? Will all of them make the December deadline? Right now only two companies have submitted their application, so this could get interesting and come down to the wire. They are also investing into partnerships to launch new drugs and building out new facilities to win new contracts. A good example of this is Cardinal Health announcing earlier this year the grand opening of a molecular imaging center in Arizona.

Cardinal Health opens molecular imaging center in Arizona (source Cardinal Health press release)

Pharmaceuticals distributor Cardinal Health (NYSE: CAH) has opened a molecular imaging center with the goal of developing new radioactive imaging agents that will help doctors treat a wide range of diseases like cancer, heart disease and neurological disorders. Cardinal scientists, engineers and manufacturing experts will work with clients in the pharmaceutical and academic research industries at Cardinal's Center for the Advancement of Molecular Imaging in Phoenix, Arizona, according to a statement from Dublin, Ohio-based Cardinal.

The center's opening represents a strategic investment by Cardinal in the future of the molecular imaging and pharmaceuticals industries, according to John Rademacher, president of the company's nuclear and pharmacy services. "By helping pharmaceutical companies and academic research institutions accelerate innovation and reduce the time it takes to get new imaging agents to market, we can more accurately diagnose diseases earlier in their onset," he said.

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